2017 Sponsors

Guardian Ad Wine ‘Em-$10,000
Vino Dire-$7,500
Res Brewdicata-$5,000
          In Memory of Mike Turner
Mike and Gillian Goodrich

Hopeus Corpus-$3,000
Joe and Melinda Guillaume

 Ad Hops-$1,000

BBA Probate Section
BBA Solo/Small Firm Section
Sam and Betty
Maura and Will Goodwyn
Steve McKinney
Balch & Bingham
In Memory of 
Belinda C. Bennett, 
National Labor Relations Board 
Region 10 Birmingham 
Resident Officer 



Adams & Reese
Alabama Family Law Section
   BBA Federal Practice Section
BBA Worker’s
Compensation Section
Birmingham School of Law
Bond & Botes
Culotta, Scroggins,
Hendricks & Gillespie
Hughes & Scalise
Jaffe, Hanle,
Whisonant & Knight
Katherine McDonald
Meadow Homes
Miglionico & Rumore
Pam Weed
Sara Williams